What is Oluanai?


What is Oluanai?

The Drive behind Oluanai

to Captivate

Every time I take a photo, my goal is always the same. I want to stop people who are going about their daily routine. I want to grab them with something special. I want that "something special" to be an image of someone who trusted me to take a photo of them.  My passion isn't marketing, social media or sales. 

I am a photographer - it's the art that drives me. I want you to see a photo of yourself that you can be proud of. Something creative, a piece of art that stands the test of time. I hope you take time to check out my website and if you're up for it give me a call. I love chatting with people - even if it's just to say hi.

What Sets Oluanai Apart

Some photographers have a handful of spots they take all their clients to and then apply the same filters on all their clients. Not me. Look through my images and notice that I never, repeat locations or even tones (unless requested). The wardrobe, location and feel of each photo is thoughtfully designed for each client so that their images are special and unique.


Ever look at an image and the skin tones are a little off? Maybe the face looks plastic? The lighting is a little dull? I have spent more than a decade improving my craft. Look carefully at my images. Skin tones are natural, lighting is skillfully manipulated, and my composition is carefully thought out. 

Expert  editing


My goal is creativity. And while it's impossible to come up with an idea that's never been done before I love doing special requests. I've had clients ask me to photograph them playing the piano in the rain, underwater, and even dancing in the streets. Whatever it is. I want your image to be absolutely special.

Creative Concepts






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