About Oluanai

What sets oluanai apart?

Editorial Meets Portraiture

I got my start as an editorial photographer working with models establishing their portfolios. I fell in love with the freedom and energy in collaborating with my models to come up with new and spectacular concepts. When I began photographing non-model clients, I intentionally chose to bring that mentality to senior portraits, boudoir and even weddings. I would treat these photo shoots as I would any shoot for Noties or Frank Modeling Agencies. This results in stunning engagement photos, elegant wedding images and the most creative senior portraits you'll ever see. 


The Sky is the Limit... literally

I recently found that I regularly tell my clients "the sky is the limit" when talking about what they want for their photo session. I once had a client ask me if we could do a photo shoot on a pier with a piano with rain coming down on him while he plays... "the sky is the limit" I told him. I went, found a good looking piano someone was giving a way, I loaded it up on a truck and rolled it onto a busy pier and we did the photoshoot (check out the photos bellow). 

I have extensive experience with studio photography, night time on-location photography, underwater photography and even drone photography. I'm still waiting for someone to request a skydiving shoot. 

Montana Based

I am a Montana based photographer. I am based primarily in Laurel serving Bozeman, Billings and surrounding areas.  I don't mind driving and I love to explore so if you're outside the Bozeman/Billings zone and like my photography don't hesitate to give me a call. 


I love to travel. Although most of my travel requests are for weddings, I have also traveled for engagement sessions and boudoir. I don't charge extra for travel. As long as the timing is right, all I need is for my clients to cover a cheep flight out of Billings. Just to give you a idea of how low maintenance I am, I was recently hired for a wedding in Israel and found a AirBnb for $38 a night.  


I've been blessed to be able to travel around the world photographing weddings, engagements and portraits. Here's a list of places I've gone. 

 David Looney | Owner & Primary Photographer

David Looney | Owner & Primary Photographer

San Diego, CA

Calistoga, CA

Los Angels, CA

Huston, TX

Seattle, WA

Kauai, HI

Cambridge, UK

Rome, Italy

Tel Aviv, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel