Co-Op School Photos

Baam! Photos are on the way!


Thank you!

Monday’s school photos session went great. It was colder than anticipated but the kids did amazing and the photos are already turning out. Please remember that I do not have a Yahoo Groups account. If you need to get ahold of me you will have to contact me directly.

How do I get my photos?

  1. Make sure I have your contact information!

2. On October 30th, you’ll receive an email with instructions.


A Gift for you

If you have a good experience and don’t mind sharing it with others, I have a small gift for you. Simply do the following:

  1. Like my facebook page and leave a 5 star review (www.facebook.com/oluanaiphotography) - Click HERE

  2. Follow my Instagram account @oluanai - click HERE

That’s it. I’ll include your gift with your order. : )


[not so] School Photos

This year you will get the most out of your school photos with OLUANAI. Your students will get family photo quality images at school photos prices. To simplify the process, there are no packages. Get the prints you want at a reasonable price and that’s it! When the images are done, simply use the easy online gallery at myphotos.oluanai.com/coop and have your images shipped directly to you.




  • 4 Wallets $5

  • 4x6 $5

  • 5x7 $7

  • 8x10 $12

  • 11x14 $25


  • 12x16 $55

  • 16x32 $100


  • 4 Pack Social Media Digitals $20