May 19, 2018

Still homeless, haha. Staying with my brother has been epic though, just seeing him every day and working on stupid stuff has been cool. I’m going to miss being in the same house when we move out.

Today is a cool day. I’m shooting with an agency in Montana. The agency is very modest and conservative and small but it’s super cool. I like the people a ton and I think they like me. I think my photography will change a lot here. I’ll be doing a lot more life style type of stuff. That’s new to me so I’m curious about it.  it has a very small town feel to it. it’s pretty great. 

I am still very alone in a lot of ways. No one o process with and no friends up here. It’s good for me to seek God. Just spending time with Him. This loneliness might be a good thing for me. 


to to be continued  

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